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A medical supplier leader for nearly 11 years. Providing you with one of the largest and best variety of Medical products at competitive prices.

Reasons to do Business with Us

- Quick and Reliable Service - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD can deliver your orders immediately. We carry a full inventory of supplies, and offer a vast selection of unique and branded products at the best prices. Our 45,000 square foot warehouse has over $4 Million Dollar in inventory.

- Expert Advice - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD’s highly professional sales staff of industry professionals, know the products they are selling, and are totally committed to you, our customer. Our associates will give you personalized guidance and trustworthy service.

- Hands On Experience - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD has the largest Medical Store in Indonesia with all products on display. Here you can experience the very latest, the proven workhorses, the must-haves, the smart add-ons, and the unexpected surprises.

- Best Pricing - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD buyers travel worldwide to acquire the finest products at the lowest prices possible. We visit local and overseas suppliers before we give them our first order. We check their warehouse and past history to make sure that we are only buying high quality equipment.

- Free Shipping - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD offer Free Shipping on most products we carry.

- Fast Delivery - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD offers you same day shipping on stock items. It’s simple like that. If we receive the order before 4:30 pm we will ship it out the same day.

- Authorized Dealer - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD is a fully authorized dealer on most brands we sell. As an authorized dealer we have extensive knowledge and insight about the products and can provide you with the necessary education for using the products. Also as an authorized dealer this will give you a peace of mind knowing that you have a full warranty on all the products that you buy from us.

- Reliable Customer Service - AGYA MEDICAL, LTD associates understand that it is their individual responsibility to ensure your satisfaction. When you have a question or concern, each associate has the authority to do whatever is needed to answer your question or resolve your concern. At AGYA MEDICAL, LTD you get immediate results and answers.

From our world-class innovative products and customer experience, our commitment to the customers is at the heart of everything we do.